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Hey Maria, pretty cool that you finally got to add something to this page, good job!

And who ever added that birthday greeting, thanks a lot!!!

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Hey you guys!


How are you all doing? Hope everybody’s fine. I’m good. I’m so glad the darn exams are over, at least for the next four weeks. Still there’s the darn second exam term, but there’s still time until that. Remember that I’ve been to Israel last year for my cousin’s  engagement? Well, last week I have been back there for her wedding and it was just awesome. They were celebrating just like crazy and totally nuts. And plus, since the Arabic have got humongous family there were approximately 600 guests. So the celebrating took place in a great hotel, the food was just perfectly delicious and the service was absolutely great. They were doing some really cool cultural dances, like special one’s for the guys and for the women. So altogether it was a really great experience.

Okay, what else can I tell you. Well, my studies are going alrighty. This week I am going to start my internship. Really don’t feel like it… :-( hope it’s not going to be to boring.

Actually I wanted to visit my host family during summer, but they had some problems, so it didn’t really work out. So they said I could come over some time in November even December. Hannah sweetie, if you would like to join me this time, it be my pure pleasure!!!

If anyone else wants to come along that be even better! So just take of, book your flights and let’s go (I mean fly) ;-)

Gosh, can’t tell you how much I miss you guys. Honestly, it really can’t go on like that one year has been past since we return to Germany and we have manage to meet once (and another one with three of us) Big deal, how pathetic!!!

Really, cutiepies Hanni and Sanni just take off a weekend and get over here!

We really really have to meet!

By the way, good news. Now I finally got a telephone, so if you want to call, here’s my number: 04131 / 999 15 38

So if you guys wanna talk, see how its going or just say hi, just grab the phone and dial up my number!

If you don’t, don’t worry, you still won’t get rid of me, cause then I’ll still be calling you some time on the weekend!!!!!!!!!!



Sandy, thanks so much for your wonderful post card and thanks a lot for also sending one to my host family, my host mom was thrilled.


Maria, thanks for your mail sweetie, just kindly regard this as your answer ;-)


And Hanni thanks for icqing, wish I’d meet you online more often!!!


Hope to stay in touch!

Love you guys,



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And last but not least...is actually somebody still using this blog?

I just try it...Girls???What is up? Tried to call you and still could not reach you (Sandra), needn't get any call back (Hannah) or don' t have your number from your study place (Jeanne)! Something has to change...it's been too long since we met!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I wanna make sure, that you all know that I still think about you (how could I forget our experiences?) and hope that you all doing fine and that our meeting is not too far away!

Love U guys! 

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Hallo person and person and person

(I'm starting to get tired of "hello people" )

So people (oh, here it is again, well, who cares) people, what's up, I added the last entry, so its your turn to write. Maria, since I am rude, I dare to say, that it pretty much is your turn...

Well, I just mean like, since you guys didn't respond, there's not really something I can respond to now. So, believe it or not, you are one of the four only people on earth who are able to read now: The most boring entry that was ever place in any blog. Wow, feeling famous and popular? Oh fine, thought it wouldn't work. But if you got nothing to tell you are just looking for some stuff to tell, no matter how boring and so not exciting it is and so I am talking and talking, being so incredibly proud of creating the next blog entry while I am actually saying nothing. Well, that’s art as well? Isn't it?

Okay, that's enough bullsh.. talking, let me dig my mind and see if there's actually something I can tell you. We, as you know me pretty well, you probably know, that I am not going to tell you anything new. Probably I even already told you this, didn't I? Gosh, I desperately need a psychiatrist, don't I? Too bad that's to expensive. Just in case you know somebody who would like to invest, let me know.

All right girls, I did my part. Your turn.



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