Welcome to our own private little homepage!!!

Hey girls, what do you say??!! Now we can always write everything down in here when you busy girls have a little spare time on your hands. This way it's sometimes maybe easier because as I know, all of you have a computer and everyone of you is using it almost every day!! So whenever your boared and don't know what to do, write a little something in here, the newest news, what you did today, which celebrity (?) you talked to on the weekend, which boy you made out on the last party.... just everything that's on your mind!! Please also leave pics for us, so we can see what's going on! It's really easy and I hope we're gonna use it a lot!!!! So just try and tell me what you think! I'm eager to read a note from one of you as soon as possible!!

Love you all!!!
Hugs and kisses Sandra

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Me again!

Alrighty, I just wanted to make sure that you're all ok because of that big storm which is wüting!! Watch out ladies don't let him blow you away! Oh well but maybe a little big the direction to Bavaria wouldn't be so bad!
Anyway I wanted to try putting a picture in here. One of Flat Stanley when he was visitig me, I told you about him didn't I? Ok, let's try it:

I hope it works!
Alright then, I'm going to bed now.
Sleep tight!

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Hey guys,

isn't it just great.Thanks Sandra for doing that.

Don't know what to write...hope you guys are doing great.

Miss ya.Kiss Honeybunny

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Oh, and bye the way I uploaded a picture...remember?

Check it out! Bye Bye

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What's up???

Hey girls, what's up?? So hab ich mir das aber nicht vorgestellt, erlebt ihr alle denn gar nichts oder seid ihr alle nur so im Stress??? Come on, tell me something!!
The only very sad thing I have to tell is that I can't meet Hannah my love on the weekend because I have to work today and tomorrow!! But when do you girls drive back? Maybe I still can come on sunday or you drive by! We'll see, hope it works!! The other two, I didn't hear from you in a long time, hope you are all doing well!! As I could see the BIG storm didn't blow you near my house unfortunately! How are the study- guys doing? Any news yet?? And Maria, did you think of something new to do yet? What about the vet- thing now?
Well, me,myself I'm doing pretty good, I was very sporty today and then met a lot of my friends afterwards in a bar. Was really nice! Bye the way, it's really snowing since yesterday! Unbelivable! It's really white everywhere and I'm still alive after my first drive in the snow!! I'm proud of myself!!
Furthermore, at the moment I'm having another really useless argument with my useless ex-boyfriend per SMS, which is very expensive and very useless! Today as I said I have to work and on Saturday evening unfortunately too, so you guys let the pig out for me too but do nothing I wouldn't do myself!!

Love ya all!!
Hugs and kisses, Sandra

P.S: I just LOVE our pic!!!
Shows that we really can make it!!!
(and that Maria is the tallest one of us! )

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Hey Sandy, this is so awesome, good job, I am very overwhelmed!!!

In a very positive way of course :-) 

This was a really good idea of you, you are so smart...

And plus its all in English, I just love you!  

Honestly, this is a very good way to communicate with each other and everyone of us can see it, I am so proud of you!!!


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