how are you doing my dears??

Hope you are all well! How was your weekend?? Mine was really great because Hannah my love was visiting me!! I hope you had a good time too my dear and of course you got home safely!!! Me, myself really enjoyed your visit!!
What else can I tell you, I'm back in the club again, of not having a boyfriend and I have to admit, it feel's really good, who needs these men anyway??! So now I don't have to care a dime about this stupid Valentines Day!! My gosh am I glad!! Now I have to work on this day!! Awesome!
Furthermore, the weather is bad and tomorrow I'm getting a haircut!

Alright, that's it! Oh no, one more thing, who fixed this green Balken with our picture, so we can see everything now??? Good job!! Oh and one more thing, Emanuel wrote me an e-mail and asked how life in Germany is! Nice he!

Love you girls!!
XOXO Sandy

13.2.07 11:57

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