Hello people,

How is going cutie pies? Hope you all are doing fine. Well, I am good, just stressed cause of these nice exams, I just love it too study all day long! :-( I just want the exam terms to be over… Well, life could be worth right, was my own choice, so…

O gosh, I am so jealous that the two of you met. That’s awesome, I am sure you a lot of fun. I can’t wait to meet you guys again. Maria and Hannah, it’s very awesome that you guys got time next weekend, oh and plus, it was good talking to you once again, like always. And Sandy you cute girls, you are never home when I call you, hope you got my mail about the weekend. And plus, I hope you got time, please, have time, I gotta meet you al again.

Alrighty, what else can I tell you people. You got mail from Emanuel, that’s cool, I’m jealous about that, too. Don't even know why, he's just a guy, right? Oh, that's a rhyme and that's fine, could me mine, just kidding!

Sandy, hope you like your new haircut, you’re satisfied with it? And how about that guy sound pretty … well I don’t know, hope you’ll get over it quickly. Just a guy, so don’t worry about it. Not that I am curious, but just in case you wanna answer Hannah’s question, feel free to :-)

All righty, time for bad consciouses ( not that the plural exists, sound funny though ), Maria still didn’t write something. We should think about a way to punish her, don’t you think? :-))

FINE, have it your way.

Fine guys, really hope everything is gonna work out next weekend. Didn’t see each other for a very long time again. And plus, the North is very “prettyful” (Karoline Davis, 2006)

By the way I got a mail from her, isn’t that cute. She was busy with a project on the black rat snake and she enjoys is it very much, but don’t get upset about it girls, of course her favourites are still shark, what else could it be. Don’t worry Hanni, they are far away in the ocean, so for now you are safe.

I would love to tell you a very interesting story, but there’s nothing interesting going on in my life right now, too bad. Just studying, nothing else, well yeah, kind of my own fault, I know, guess I really could make more out of it, like more partying, at least sometimes, but without you its just boring ;-)

Hannah, just to let you know, ( but please don’t get to excited about it ) I went on his page at studi zv ( Anni, friend of Hänny, 2006 ) and this time I have not been invisible. AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Gosh, that was stupid to do , wasn’t it???
Well, anyways, satisfied now???

Love you so sweeties,

Hope I’ll see you very soon.


P.S.: Wanna scrapbook ;-)

23.2.07 22:51

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